Japan’s Famous Aquarium Toilet

If you love exotic fish and don’t mind hundreds of them eyeballing you while you answer nature’s call, you’ll probably love using this unique aquarium toilet in Akashi, Japan.

Hipopo Papa (formerly Mumin Papa) Cafe, used to be known as one of the most popular dating spots on Hayashizaki Matsue Coast. It still is, but ever since the owner decided to do something special with the women’s toilet, it’s become famous primarily for being the only cafe in Japan – and probably the world – to feature an aquarium toilet. It’s technically surrounded on three sides by a giant aquarium filled with hundreds of exotic fish and a male turtle, which, considering this is a women’s only toilet, is a bit weird.

Photo: Dynamite Takada/Twitter/YouTube

The aquarium toilet at Hipopo Papa has been around for over 12 years now, but it’s still one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Akashi area. The owner reportedly spent $270,000 creating this marvel, though trial and error, in an attempt to recreate the pleasant sensation of relieving yourself while swimming in the ocean.


Although the aquarium toilet can only be used by women, the staff at Hipopo Papa will gladly show it off to male patrons as well, if the cafe isn’t too crowded.


Having an aquarium toilet is a great way to draw customers, but if does have its drawbacks. According to Setouchi Finder, some of the patrons end up spending a lot more time then they have to inside the toilet just admiring the scenery, while other are reluctant to use it because they find the thought of having so many marine creatures staring at them while they relieve themselves uncomfortable.


One thing’s for sure, though; if you ever find yourself in Akashi, Japan’s Hyogo Prefecture, Hipopo Papa Cafe is one of those rare places that’s worth visiting for the toilet alone.