Mas Provencal – The Perfect Restaurant for Flower Enthusiasts

When you first step into Mas Provencal on the outskirts of Eze Village, you’re likely to mistake it for a greenhouse. Located close to the city of Nice in southeastern France, this restaurant has way more flowers than tables.

Mas Provencal’s interior décor is pretty special, perhaps even one-of-a-kind. Almost every square inch is covered with fresh flowers – roses, orchids, ivy, glads and more. There are plants everywhere and it takes some squinting to even spot the sign board. The large amount of flora either enthralls diners, or leaves them a bit overwhelmed. One tourist called the decorations “fabulously gaudy.” I don’t think I could have put it any better.

Inside the restaurant, each table is done up with elaborate center pieces made of flowers. Exotic trees adorn the passageways and you can spot a few carnivorous plants in the crowd. Antique knick-knacks are scattered everywhere. A large glass enclosed waterfall containing ferns is also part of the décor. The best part – diners can munch on grapes and cherry tomatoes hanging from the ceiling at arm’s reach.


Keeping this flower-jungle in shipshape condition is no mean feat. The owner of Mas Provencal, a jolly German chap, says that wilting flowers are replaced every day. He covers the tables and chairs with plastic when the plants are being watered. Many guests have noticed that in spite of all the plants, the restaurant doesn’t smell like a greenhouse; it is always fresh and pleasant.


On their website, the restaurant invites you to “experience the unique atmosphere of French elegance and unobtrusive luxury.” They promise you an unforgettable romantic evening, or a relaxing time with family and friends. The menu includes a very special mushroom risotto, sweet pig on a spit and succulent veal on coals. For dessert you could enjoy homemade chocolate mousse and apple pie.


Dinner for four with a bottle of wine, dessert and coffee will cost you between $250 and $300. Mas Provencal sure does look like paradise for flower lovers. Be warned though, there’s nothing understated about this place. The décor is, quite literally, in-your-face.











Photos: Mas Provencal Restaurant/Facebook