The Koi Fish Cafes of Ho Chi Minh City

Imagine enjoying a hot cup of java or your favorite soft drink in the middle of a pond filled with beautiful koi fish that you can actually hand-feed and you get an idea of what Vietnam’s koi fish cafes are like.

When it comes to fish-themed cafes, Ho Chi Minh City has a leg up on pretty much every other city in the world. Back in 2018 we featured Amix Coffee, a flooded cafe that allowed patrons to enjoy their favorite drinks with dozens of small fish literally at their feet, but this was apparently not the only cool fish-themed venue in town. In fact, the bustling metropolis apparently has about a dozen cafes that double as koi ponds, where the popular fish swim among patrons.

Koi Melody Cafe is one of Ho Chi Minh City’s newest koi fish cafe, having only been open for about a year or so. It shares the same basic recipe as most of the Vietnamese city’s koi fish cafes, in that it consists of a shallow pond filled with colorful koi fish and dotted with small islands where patrons can enjoy various drinks and treats.

King Koi Coffee Garden is another relatively new, but already extremely popular koi fish cafe inspired by the design of Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay. It features around 10 interconnected circular islands in a pond filled with koi fish that you can literally bend over and touch.

New Koi Coffee, located in the city’s District 7, is another popular koi fish cafe that looks very similar to Koi Melody, in that it features circular sitting areas separated by shallow, koi-filled channels.


Dao Koi Coffee Garden is an outdoor koi cafe dubbed the island in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, as it provides a welcome escape from the scorching sun during the summer. It’s popular with families, as the koi-filled water provides welcome entertainment for kids.

The list goes on, with places like Queen Koi Coffee Garden, KOI Sakura Coffee, KOI Coffee Garden ISLAND, or Royal Koi Garden Coffee, but there’s really no point in going into details about each one, because they all follow the same recipe, a koi-filled pond with small islands dotting it, where patrons can relax with fish swimming around them.

Ho Chi Minh may not be the only city in Vietnam, or even in the world that has this type of venue, but I’m willing to bet that it has the most koi cafes anywhere in the world. I guess they love their koi fish…

You’d think that ponds filled with hundreds of koi fish would become dirty and smelly pretty fast, but apparently, they are equipped with a waterproofing system and water filtration system that maintain them in good condition.