The Trembling Rock – A 132-Tonne Boulder That Anyone Can Move

The famous Trembling Rock of Huelgoat forest, in northeastern France, is a 7-meter-long, 137-tonne block of granite that anyone can move with their own hands, as long as they know how to push it.

The forest of Huelgoat is home to numerous large boulders and geological wonders, but Trembling Rock is by far the most popular of them all. The oblong boulder is so large and heavy that no human could ever hope to move it by themselves, and yet anyone, regardless of how skinny or weak they are, can gently rock it up and down just by pushing on the right spot. Left perched atop a much wider rock base in a unique position, Trembling Rock can make even the most feeble person on Earth look like the strongest person in the world.

Also known as Logan stone, Trembling Rock is one of the main reasons so many people visit Huelgoat. The forest is home to many interesting landmarks, but none compare to Trembling Rock in terms of popularity. After all, how many of them can help you look like the strongest person in the world?


Weighing no less than 137 tonnes and standing taller than any human, Trembling Rock should not budge, regardless of how hard anyone pushes it, but because of its precarious position, the impossible is made possible.