Man Crashes Into Wall While Leaving Dealership With Brand New Car

Buying a brand new car is supposed to be one of the happiest moments in a person’s life, but for one poor motorist the experience turned from a dream into a nightmare the moment he put his foot on the gas at the dealership.

A video that shows an Indian man getting ready to drive his brand new Kia Carnival minivan out of the dealership, only to drive it straight into a wall and deploying its airbags has been doing the rounds on social media. The footage shows the buyer getting behind the wheel of the brand new car, and an employee of the dealership giving them some last few pointers before letting them drive out. Things don’t exactly go according to plan though, and the video shows the man driving off and then slamming the new Kia straight into a concrete wall with enough force to deploy the airbags.

I personally was convinced that this was some sort of prank or staged video, but I couldn’t find any clues to suggest that in the video. Everyone around seems genuinely surprised about the crash, rushing to check if the passengers were alright, and there is definitely no faking the damage to the vehicle.

The video was posted on BMC HD Videos YouTube channel back in June, but it only went viral last month after being shared by Indian actor and comedian, Sunil Grover, on his Instagram account. The number of views on YouTube alone currently sits at over 9 million, and counting. It’s sad when someone’s misfortune goes viral, but that’s just how the internet works sometimes.


As you can imagine, people went to town on the driver in the comments section, and some of their jokes were actually pretty funny.

“When you learn to drive from online classes during lockdown. #SocialDistancing,” one YouTube user wrote.

“This guy after getting out of the car ‘Yes, airbag testing done and successful,’ someone else commented.

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