Mr. Zoom Freaks People Out with Eye-Popping Performances

30-year-old John Edward Doyle has the ability to squeeze his eyes out by up to 12 millimeters. He discovered his “talent” about two years ago while entertaining his friends, and for the past six months he has been using it to freak people out online under the alias “Mr. Zoom”.

John discovered his bizarre eye-popping ability while entertaining his friends at the local pub, in¬†Rainhill, England, but he never dreamed it would one day make him an internet sensation. At one point he just decided to record himself pooping his eyes out to the popular Harlem Shake and upload the video on YouTube. He got a bigger reaction than he ever hoped, and soon he was getting emails, phone calls and TV show invitations. Mr. Zoom was on to something, so he kept doing it, each time choosing a popular song to squeeze his eyes out to. Six months after he started uploading his freaky act on YouTube, he has close to 600,000 views, he has been contacted by Ripley’s Believe It or Not and has flown to Japan and the US to appear on TV. It’s been a crazy ride, and with the media coverage he is getting these days, it’s far from over.


Photo: YouTube caption

The father-of-one, who works in internet marketing, believes he can pop his eye out more than anyone else on the planet and is dead set on having his name mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records.What he does looks extremely painful, but he told reporters it doesn’t hurt at all. Apparently his eyes just start to sting if he keeps them out of their sockets for too long, like it does when a normal person tries not to blink. People are constantly telling him that if he keeps doing this he will eventually suffer serious eye damage, but Mr. Zoom says he has so far contacted four opticians and they all said it’s perfectly fine…


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