Mysterious Motorcyclist Hunts Drivers Who Litter, Throws Trash Back in Their Cars

A Russian biker has taken it upon herself to teach people not to litter while driving. And her methods are quite extreme – she follows the offenders on her motorcycle, picks up their trash, and throws it right back into their cars!

The mysterious crusader recently uploaded a video of herself in action, which she recorded using a GoPro camera attached to her helmet. The video is so hilarious that I’m not surprised it hit 10 million views in just three days.

The two-minute clip starts off with the woman’s motorcycle parked on the sidewalk, behind a bright red car. The car driver is seen flinging a cigarette butt out of his window. The woman promptly starts up her bike and moves forward, picks up ash from a nearby ashtray and flings it on the driver through the car’s open window. The man was flabbergasted, and the woman was off before he could react.


Further along the street she comes across another car driver tossing an empty plastic bottle on the street. Once again, she stops, picks up the bottle, and catches up with the car. When it stops at the traffic signal, she uses duct tape to fasten the bottle to the car’s side view mirror. Again, she zooms away before the car driver can say or do anything.

The third part of the video is shot at a gas station, where a man throws a brown paper bag of fast food leftovers in the middle of a street before driving off. Our motorcyclist picks up the bag, asks the driver to roll down his window, and empties the entire contents of the bag on to him before driving off once more, after screaming the words: “You haven’t finished it!”

The video which starts with the line: “I want to live in a clean city,” ends with a warning: “Everyone who doesn’t care will be punished.” Although it has been viewed millions of times, several commenters pointed out that the video looks staged, and that the scenarios look too deliberate. Many suspect that the clip is meant to promote a leading sitcom in Russia.

Well, even if it is a promotional video, I think it sends a pretty strong message while offering a good laugh. Don’t you?

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