ScreamBody – The Portable Organ That Lets You Scream Without Disturbing Anyone

Invented by MIT’s Kelly Dobson, the ScreamBody is an ingenious device that allows you to let out all your rage and frustration without having to worry about it being socially inappropriate.

As a kid, I watched a lot of cartoons where characters would just scream inside a paper bag, because they couldn’t let out their pain at that exact time, and just “unload” all the screaming later. I remember wishing something like that existed in real life. As it turns out, it actually does, and it’s called a ScreamBody. Invented back in the mid 2000’s, by former MIT student Kelly Dobson, this strange-looking piece of equipment is actually a portable space for screaming that contains all of your loudly-expressed emotions and releases them at a later time. Exactly like they did in those cartoons I liked so much.

It might sound like a stupid invention, and I admit it even looks pretty strange, but once you think about it, the ScreamBody is a pretty useful invention. Didn’t you ever find yourself in a situation where you just wanted to scream as loudly as possible, but you couldn’t because you were in a situation where it would have been perceived as inappropriate? I know I have, but with the ScreamBody you don’t have to worry about freaking people out or them calling the cops on you. All you have to do is let out your scream inside the portable device and it’s completely silenced, but also recorded for later release, when and where you chose to do it. Why keep all that rage in and unleash it on baby seals or cute puppies, when you can just let it out in a healthy way?

The ScreamBody is made of open-cell polyurethane foam and latex, which act to absorb and contain the sound of screaming. On the outside, it features two conductor switches, one for recording and one for playing back the sound. The biggest downside of this ingenious invention is its shape. Something this weird-looking is sure to attract attention, and even if they don’t hear your scream, most people are probably still going to think you’re a weirdo.


Like many others, I’ve been waiting for something like ScreamBody all my life, but apart from the video Karen made a few years ago, we haven’t heard any news about it. Hopefully, the recent buzz around it will convince her it’s something worth pursuing further.

via Neatorama

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