Sweetest-Ever Music Video Was Made with 288,000 Jelly Beans

Director Greg Jardin spent the last two years making a music video for singer/songwriter Kina Grannis using a whopping 288,000 jelly beans. I think it’s fair to say this is literally sweetest video ever created.

Inspired by the jelly bean art of artists like Roger Rocha, Malcolm West and Kristen Cumings, Greg Jardin thought it would be a good idea to make a music video almost entirely out of jelly beans, for Kina Grannis‘ song “In Your Arms”. The young singer thought it was an amazing idea, although she did have some problems even imagining how it was going to look like, so the ambitious director got to work. He had a friend, who is an illustrator, draw up  all the concept art and email it to him, and he turned into an animatic. There were over 2,300 frames he had to recreate out of differently colored jelly beans.

The frames were hand made by projecting the image from the computer onto a board and trying to match the image using jelly beans. Each frame was usually created by three people at a time and took anywhere from five minutes to three hours to complete. Prior to starting work on the actual jelly bean video, Jardin shot a reference video in which Kina was pantomiming the whole thing, and added her performance to the computer animatic, which gave him a better idea of how the whole thing was going to pan out. But for the real video, no green screen was used, the artist was there for the whole thing, most of the time lying on a piece of glass above the jelly bean collages.


Kina Grannis’  stop-motion video took 1,357 hours of work throughout 22 months. 288,000 jelly beans (all donated by the Jelly Belly company) were used to make 2,460 different frames which were put together into the sweetest, most impressive music video I have ever seen. The song’s pretty cool, too.


via Peta Pixel

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