New ChocoChicken Restaurant to Specialize in Chocolate Deep-Fried Chicken

After the insanely popular Cronuts (Croissants + Donuts), the latest trend in food mashups is all set to hit the market. A new restaurant in California is combining two of the world’s most favorite foods – chocolate and fried chicken.

‘ChocoChicken’ is the brainchild of Adam Fleischman, founder and CEO of the patty chain Umami Burger. In his latest invention, he plunges pieces of chicken into chocolate-infused batter before frying them in hot oil.

I cannot quite imagine what this might taste like. Savory? Sweet? Somewhere in between, perhaps? According to Fleischman, it tastes like nothing you’ve eaten before. “ChocoChicken is completely different than anything else out there,” he said. “This isn’t traditional fried chicken, or even chicken just dipped in chocolate. It is a whole new style of fried chicken that you just have to taste to believe.”


“It’s got the ‘crack factor’ I look for in a great restaurant brand,” he said. Fleischman plans to open the first ChocoChicken restaurant in the South Park district of downtown Los Angeles, in March. His friend and TV producer Phil Rosenthal sampled the dish and posted a pic on Twitter, calling it: “Delicious.”

Not everyone is enthusiastic about the news of the launch, however. Some thought the combination of chocolate and chicken was way too weird, while others were concerned for health reasons. “Diabetes-on-a-drumstick,” was one commenter’s response.


The restaurant will be serving other dishes apart from chocolate flavored chicken, like biscuits, sides, sauces, beer, wine and cocktails. Would you like to try it?

via LA Weekly

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