Brooklyn’s Superhero Supply Shop, No Villains Allowed

Think you have what it takes to become a superhero, but lack all the necessary accessories and superpowers? Don’t worry, in the real world, antimatter and immortality can be bought by the gallon. Well, at least at the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Shop they can.

Sure, most comic book superheroes made their own costumes, but these are busy times, and it’s more convenient to buy them That’s where the Superhero Supply Shop, in Brooklyn, New York comes is. If you have a few buck to spare, you can conceal your true identity behind a cool mask in no time at all. But capes and costumes are just a few of the awesome things you can find in this amazing place. Just because we haven’t all been blessed with incredible strength, mind control powers or lightning speed, doesn’t mean we can’t be superheroes, right? It just means we have to buy our superpowers, and there’s no shortage of those at the Brooklyn Superhero Supplu Shop. You can find x-ray glasses, grappling hooks, cans of gravity, cloning fluid, and even an invisible jet that costs $42 million. Whatever you need to make crime-fighting easier, these guys have it.

The Brooklyn Superhero Supply Shop is always busy around Halloween, but although you can find their awesome supplies online, there’s nothing like going into the actual shop and picking superpowers off the shelf and trying out cool costumes and capes. You can even get de-villainized (in their patented De-Villainizer, which helps people rethink their choices and become upstanding citizens) or shop for a invisible mp3 player to remain undetected after you’ve consumed some invisibility in a can. But whatever powerful items you decided to get, you should know you’re not allowed to just walk out of the superhero supply shop with them without The Vow of Heroism out loud. This is apparently the best way to make sure dangerous equipment doesn’t fall into the hands of the wrong people, so before you go, the items are first locked in a safe, until you recite the vow, thus ensuring you will not waver in your pursuit of truth and justice.

Photo: Brooklyn Superhero Supply Shop

But like the superheroes it caters to, the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Shop is not what it appears to be. This New York establishment is actually a front for true superheroes – a non-profit organization offering free tutoring for New York school children. They encourage all kinds of writing, from comic books to newspaper articles and novels, and all the tutoring goes on in the back of the shop, accessible through a hidden door. So if you hear children’s laughter while shopping for provisions, don’t freak out.

Photo: Brooklyn Superhero Supply Shop

Photo: Anna Debenham