The Recycled Collage Art of Derek Gores

Florida based graphic-designer Derek Gores takes old magazines, labels and other materials and recycles them into impressive collage artworks. The artist hand rips the magazines, maps or schematics and puts them together randomly to create impressive collages focused mostly on women and female fashion.

Here’s what Derek Gores has to say about his collage art: ‘I like my pictures to barely come together with teasing little details. Sort of like how the mind can’t help but wander, even when trying to focus on one thing. In the collages, some of the little bits I use are deliberate, but in most I’m trusting randomness to help build an end result more interesting than I could have planned. One friend calls it a Zen Narrative’.






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  • Nate Posted on December 1, 2011

    This work is awesome!

    I am a curator and have an invitational exhibition for art from reclaimed source material. If anyone is interested please download our prospectus at: the project is called Sustain and will hopefully encourage college artists to make work from recycled materials!