If You Ever Find This Guy’s Runaway Dog, He Wants You to Know That You Can Keep Him

Most dog owners who lose their beloved pets try to convey just how much they want the returned in the flyers they post, but one Chinese man just let everyone know that if they find his runaway Husky, they can just keep him, because he’s tired of chasing after him.

Last Sunday, Wang Wei, a property agent from Chongqing, was walking his pet dog named Huazhu when the animal spotted another dog, slipped out of its leash and ran after the other canine. Wang ran after his pet, but lost sight of him at one point and just couldn’t find him after that. So he went home and drafted some unusual flyers that he later posted around the area where he lost Huazhu. They basically said that the dog was sort of a canine escape artist and that he was tired of having to constantly run after him, so whoever found him was welcome to keep him.

“Looking for a dog, named Huazhu (does not respond to his name), male, age one, colored grey and black,” Wang wrote in the flyer. “Lost on July 22 on the Second Ring Road Bridge. I think he wants to be a stray dog. If someone finds him and wants to keep him, please go ahead (he runs away every two to three days, I can’t take it)”

“Please treat him well, just feed him normal dog food, but you have to add 5kg of chicken breast meat to his diet every week. If you don’t want to keep him, please just give him back to me.”

People who read the flyers apparently found them hilarious and started posting photos of them on Chinese social media platform Weibo, where they quickly went viral. Soon after that, large media outlets started covering the story and Wang was giving interviews about his headache of a pet.

The 20-something property agent told reporters that he had bought Huazhu in April of last year, as a two-month-old puppy. Even though he lives alone and he’s very busy with work, Wang said that he tried spending as much time with his pet husky as possible every day, but the animal just keeps running away.

“I usually try to take some time to be with him, for half an hour in the morning and another half an hour in the evening. Huazhu disappeared once before in March and it was pure luck I was able to find him then.” Wang told Cover News. “I have named him, but he doesn’t respond to his name. Instead, he gets excited when he sees his own kind.”

On Wednesday, following national media coverage of the story, a woman contacted Wang Wei on WeChat and told him that she had found Huazhu near her home, and she wanted to return him. Apparently, the runaway dog had chased after a female husky and was found by a family named Guo.

After being reunited with his beloved Huazhu, the young man expressed his gratitude to the people who found him and promised to be more careful from now on.

“Now that my dog has finally been found, I am really thankful to the people who helped me. After losing my dog so many times, I have learned my lesson. I feel like my treasure has fallen into my hands again,” Wang said.

Source: SCMP via The Star

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