Artist Creates Swallowable ‘Audiopill’ That Creates a Rave inside Your Body

Czech artist Jan Poope has created an “experimental art device” that allows you to pretty much ingest music and experience it from within your body. All you need to do is swallow the ‘Audiopill’ and wait for it to take effect.

The Audiopill is ingested orally and creates “a feeling like you are standing in the middle of a concert hall with a powerful audio-system” inside your own body. According to Poope’s Indiegogo page, the pill comes in three preset beats – 95 BPM (No Pussy Blues), 130 BPM (Die Antwoord), and 143 BPM (M.I.A). Once ingested, it will take an hour to travel through the upper section of your gastrointestinal tract. Then the fireworks begin, with a “very intensive” pain in your pelvic area that could make you “regret your experimental courage.” When the pain dies down, a “beating pulse” will take effect in your abdomen, creating mixed feelings of “restlessness, amazement, and elation.”


This phase is best described as a rave, a 10-hour techno party that you won’t be able to stop, because the Audiopill has no shut off mechanism. “Swallow the thing and then for ten hours BANG the feeling inside your stomach BANG insanity BANG joy BANG horror BANG elation BANG extasy BANG pain BANG BANG BANG BANG…” the Indiegogo page proclaims.  

It sounds rather painful and dangerous, and it might very well be. Doctors and polymer experts who were consulted during the making of the device actually warned Poope “never to swallow anything like this.” He tells users to try it at their own risk, waiving all responsibility for any potential health problems. “It is also recommended that you inspect your faeces to be sure the device has made it through and out safely (in approx. 48 hours),” the page suggests.


The warning seems to have been pretty effective – the campaign closed on February 11, having raised only €148 of its €150,000 goal in a month. So it isn’t clear if the pill ever will be mass produced or if it’s all just a big hoax. Only one person bought the Audiopill Solo, a handmade prototype of the promised device and we don’t know if they ever got to try it out for real.

With all the craziness in the world today, I’m convinced a lot of people would actually try the Audiopill for the experience alone, self-preservation be damned.


Photos: Audiopill/Indigogo

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