Artist Welds Metal Scraps into Beautiful Sculptures of Wildlife

John Kennedy Brown, a sculptor from Wales, transforms scrap metal into incredibly realistic models of birds, insects, animals, and reptiles. As you can see in the photos below, he is really good at welding together discarded metal parts like nails and bicycle chains to depict delicate anatomical features. He then paints them in the likeness of various species like Holly Blue and red Red Admiral butterflies.  

On his Etsy profile page, Brown reveals that the inspiration for his art comes from having lived in rural West Wales for the past eight years. The valleys are so steep sided in his neighborhood that the native wildlife is naturally protected from modern farming and industrialization.


“As a result, the area is known for being particularly rich in beautiful flora and fauna and this is a constant inspiration to me,” Brown writes. “For as long as I can remember, I have loved animals (especially in the wild) and I have been drawing, making and creating as a way of celebrating the beauty of the natural world.”


Brown’s works were recently displayed at the Living Art Gallery in Hungerford, but you can check out all his creations online, at his Etsy shop, Green Hand Sculpture.


“I like to think that the buyers are people seeking an emblem of beauty transcending endless consumption,” he added.









Photos: Green Hand Sculpture/Facebook

via This Is Colossal