Dutch Artist Creates Grotesque Human Sculptures Out of Women’s Stockings

Nylon stockings can be sexy, but in the hands of artist Rosa Verloop, they take a turn toward the grotesque.

The Dutch artist is famous for using nylon stockings to create distorted sculptures of the human form. She collects thousands of used stockings in nude shades which she then molds, tucks, and sews together until they take on recognizable human shapes. Verloop layers and clumps the material, sometimes holding it up with pushpins, to produce wrinkled and distorted facial features.


Her sculptures may seem just ugly to most people, but the artist herself sees shapes with “power, vulnerability, and silence.”







For some reason, fleshy figures like these always give us an eerie sort of feeling that’s quite hard to shake off. We still haven’t gotten over these designer stools that look and feel like real human flesh.

Sources: Huff Post, CVLT Nation

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