Japanese Artist Hand-Carves Blocks of Wood into Seemingly Edible Delicacies

You couldn’t tell by simply looking at them, but the fish, toast and various other foods depicted below are actually just blocks of wood expertly hand-carved and painted by Japanese artist Seiji Kawasaki.

Unsurprisingly, Kawasaki’s masterpieces have been getting a lot of attention online, ever since he started posting them on his Twitter and Instagram accounts. His creations are regularly featured on Japanese television and in various other media outlets, as well as art exhibitions around the country. Now, the internet has given the talented wood artist access to an international audience and they are just eating up his delicacies; not literally, of course, but I can understand being tempted to bite into one of his realistic-looking wooden croissants or chocolate bars.


Seiji Kawasaki apparently takes between 2 and 3 hours to complete one of his wooden wonders, which is a surprisingly short time considering he has to both carve the wood and cover the sculpture in layers of acrylic paint to give them this incredibly realistic look.


Although food seems to be his main inspiration, Kawasaki¬†has also tried his hand at other stuff, like a wooden dog or miniature traffic light. For more of his acrylic-painted wooden illusions, make sure to check Seiji’s¬†Twitter page.










via Grapee

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