Man’s Ability to Balance Various Objects Seems to Defy the Laws of Physics

Wang Yekun is an exceptionally patient artist who spends hours trying to balance all sorts of objects that have no business sitting on top of each other as if supported by an invisible force.

An electrician by training,  Wang Yekun spends hours on end trying to balance various objects on top of each other. From vintage sewing machines on top of upright glass beer bottles, to large gas cylinders balancing precariously on top of slender metal wrenches, it seems like there is nothing Wang Yekun can’t use for his awe-inspiring balancing acts.

Yekun started balancing things as a hobby in 2017 and only started sharing his achievements on social media three years later. He has been at it ever since, and now has an online following of several million on Tik Tok alone.

Based in eastern China’s Shandong province, Wang Yekun became an online star in his home country thanks to his engaging videos, which also included the trial-and-error process. He often broke dozens of bottles in his balancing attempts, and other times collapsed artworks hours in the making right before completion.

In the end, Wang always reached his goal, though, no matter how many times it took, and it was his dedication and commitment that drew people to his art.


“Balancing life is an art, sometimes serious and sometimes funny,” Wang once said. “Share the balance technique every day, let everyone experience the magic of the world in laughter!”


Apart from inanimate objects, like a bicycle supported by three glass bottles, Wang Yekun also specializes in dynamic installations, like people sitting on seemingly falling chairs.


Even if balancing objects isn’t really your cup of tea, you have to admire Wang Yekun for the sheer patience required to pull off his insane installations, and the determination to not give up when things come crashing down at the last moment.

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