Russian School Groundskeeper Creates Amazing Snow Art with His Shovel

A small school in Izhevsk, the capital city of Russia’s Udmurtia region, probably has the best groundskeeper in the world. Not only is he great at his job and popular with the students, he’s also super-creative. On snowy winter days, he regularly delights the school staff and students with large artworks drawn in the schoolyard with his snow shovel.

51-year-old Seymon Bukharin uses the snow as his canvas and a shovel for a paintbrush. With the shovel, he sweeps the snow to create fantastic designs, like a ship sailing on the high seas, animals and birds, or traditional Russian scenes. The students love nothing more than to admire his masterpieces from their classroom windows, and only wish they had more time to lend a hand with the artistic process.


“All the students like him a lot,” said student Maria Kondrateva. “When he creates his snow pictures, we all look out of the windows to check it out. So do the teachers. It doesn’t even matter if we have a class at that moment – we can always find a couple of minutes to admire his snow art.”


In his free time, Bukharin also helps in making props for the schoolchildren’s shows and performances. He’s even tried his hand at a few snow sculptures. “One morning, we found a snow sculpture of a dragon by the school entrance. We’d like to join him and do the snow art together, but we don’t have time enough for it because of our studies,” said Maria.


Bukharin sets the perfect example of transforming a mundane job into a delightfully creative one, by making the best of the materials he has on hand. Isn’t that amazing?






 Source: Izhlife via Inspire Fusion

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