Talented Artist Paints Detailed Landscapes on Incredibly Small Pieces of Food

Talented Turkish artist Hasan Kale specializes in creating micro paintings on incredibly small objects, like butterfly wings and snail’s shells. In his latest project, he’s taken his micro painting skills to a whole new level – by using food as a canvas.

The list of edible objects that Kale has painted on includes peanut husks, split almonds, banana chips, fruit seeds, beans, onion peels, mini breadsticks, and even bits of chocolate. As long as it’s tiny, it appears that Kale will paint on it. He uses an extremely fine paint brush tip and a magnifying glass to paint intricate landscapes of his native Istanbul.

Through Kale’s work, you can enjoy a picturesque view of the Nusretiye Mosque and other scenes from Istanbul on a Milka Square, painted with such amazing detail. Of course, most of his work is microscopic, and therefore not very visible to the naked eye. You’d need some sort of magnification to be able to see the paintings clearly.


It’s truly impressive, the way Kale is able to paint with a high level of accuracy on something as delicate as food. But he’s not satisfied in his quest for tiny canvases. Now that he has mastered food, his next goal is to paint an Istanbul landmark on a single strand of hair. It sounds impossible, but going by his track record, he’ll probably get it done very soon.


What I admire most about Kale’s current work is his ability to paint on stuff like chocolate and M&M’s. If I attempted a project like that, I’d probably end up eating more than painting!







Photos: Hasan Kale/Facebook

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