Trendy Ice Cream Shop Specializes in Hyper-Realistic Edible Flower Bouquets

(THISIS)SHIZEN is a Kyoto-based café that has gained popularity mainly thanks to its artistic ice cream cones which resemble intricate flower bouquets.

We use the phrase ‘too beautiful to eat’ to describe food art pretty often here on Oddity Central, but the edible ice-cream bouquets created by (THISIS)SHIZEN really look too pretty to eat, regardless of how tasty they are. Featuring a botanical-themed decor containing potted plants and nature-inspired paintings, this relatively new Japanese café serves a variety of ice-cream bouquets that are only available for a limited time, depending on the season. You can treat yourself to creamy roses, lilac, Japanese camellia, and many more flavorful wonders.

Located inside Kyoto’s ShinPuhKan shopping complex, (THISIS)SHIZEN rose to fame thanks to photo and video-focused social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Its flower bouquet-inspired treats constantly go viral, and the café has already become famous for offering the most beautiful ice cream in the world.

The main ingredient for these gorgeous ice-cream flowers is anko, a sweet red bean paste made from boiled azuki beans that are mashed into a thick paste and mixed with sugar. Its texture and taste are comparable to cooked sweet potato.

The edible bouquets come in a variety of colors and flavors that can be mixed to each customer’s preferences. A bouquet costs 1,650 Japanese yen ($11), which isn’t a bad price for a handmade edible artwork.