Talented Soap Maker’s Creations Look Good Enough to Eat

Julia Popova, a talented soap maker based in Sankt Petersburg, Russia, creates amazingly detailed bars of soap that look like delectable desserts, liquor bottles or juicy fruits.

Nine years ago, when Julia started making her beautiful soap bars, she only made them as gifts for family and friends, but she received such positive feedback that she actually started showing them off on social media. And soon, orders started coming in and the OmNon Soap brand was born. In the beginning, she would buy regular soap bars, melt them, and them mold them into the desired shapes, but as she became more involved in the artistic process, she started buying the base ingredients and then making her own soap. Well, calling it soap doesn’t do it justice, as every one of her creations is more like a piece of art.

Photo: Julia Popova

Looking at some of her hand-crafted bars of soap, it’s easy to see why she has to keep her eyes on visitors at various exhibitions because sometimes they’ll try to take a bite out of the realistic creations. And who can blame them when they look so tasty?

Interestingly, Julia’s soaps not only look amazing, but they smell the part as well. Instead of the usual soap fragrances, like lavender, jasmine or other floral scents, she prefers dessert flavors like vanilla and strawberry, which only makes her creations more enticing. As for those realistic bars of fish-shaped soap, they smell like lemon.

Almost all of the people who actually use Julia Popova’s creations to clean their hands feel sorry for ruining them, but most of her clients either collect them or use them as decorations.

For more of Julia’s amazing soaps, check out OmNom Soaps on Instagram.

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