The Hyper-Realistic Big Cat Paintings of Julie Rhodes

Julie Rhodes is a UK-based artist who specializes in photo-like hyperrealistic paintings of wildlife, particularly big cats like lions and tigers.

You’d be forgiven for mistaking Julie Rhodes’ paintings for photographs, as the differences are very hard to spot for the untrained eye. From her subjects’ intricate fur patterns, to the perfect coloring of the cats’ thick coats and the reflections in their eyes, these paintings are almost perfect. A professional artist with over 20 years of experience, Rhodes specializes mainly in paintings of big cats (lions, tigers, and leopards) but doesn’t shy away from portraying other animals as well, like elephants and zebras.


Photo: Julie Rhodes

“Art is my passion rivaled only by my obsession with wildlife. I work to bring my subject to life on canvas or board. A short moment in time, captured forever,” Rhodes writes.

According to Design Swan, Julie’s original paintings sell for  £1000 ($1,400), while prints sell for anywhere between £25.00 and £40.00. To see more of the talented artist’s artworks, check out her official website and her Instagram.

Julie Rhodes is only the latest of many incredibly talented hyperrealist artists we’ve featured over the years. The photo-like pencil drawings of Alena Litvin come to mind, but who could forget Nick Sider’s wildlife portraits, or the ultra-realistic oil paintings of Anna Halldin Maule?