The Scribbled Portraits of Liz Y Ahmet

Liz Y Ahmet is a self-taught artist who uses a seemingly messy technique to create incredibly detailed and expressive female portraits.

A ‘scribble’ is usually defined as “a piece of writing or a drawing that is done quickly or carelessly”, but that certainly doesn’t apply to Liz Y Ahmet’s work. While her style certainly looks very similar to scribbling, it’s not done quickly and it certainly isn’t careless. The talented artist’s technique is intentionally messy so as to “portray the chaos of emotions that are hidden beneath” her characters’ mask-like visage.

Photo: Liz Y Ahmet/Instagram

“Liz is an expressive portrait artist who has always been fascinated by faces,” Liz’s profile on Inprnt reads. “She prefers to select a photo reference that best conveys her emotion at that time, and create a piece spontaneously, with more emphasis on getting the emotive content than focusing on accurate a representation of the face. The portraits are always female using various mediums, with the faces often portrayed mask-like, the main objective to convey emotion, the mask – the external, a shield presented to the world and the scribbled technique – the chaos of emotions contained within.”

Liz Y Ahmet’s style is continually evolving, and she constantly experiments with new mediums and “scribbling” tools. However, the powerful look of the protagonists always remains.

For more of Liz’s stunning scribbled portraits, check out her Instagram.

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