This Life-Size Hulk Statue Made Entirely of Discarded Nuts and Bolts Is the Coolest Thing You’ll See Today

Ban Hun Lek is a Thai scrap metal art company that makes amazing pop culture sculptures from discarded auto parts. One of their best works is this Incredible Hulk statue made almost entirely out of rusty old nuts and bolts.

According to the brand’s website, Ban Hun Lek is a family-run business, specializing in hand-made scrap metal art that’s created piece-by-piece from used auto parts that have no value. “Bolts, nuts, screws, spark plugs, and other used auto parts have been re-created by our skillful welders with just a normal electric welding technique,” they wrote. “These art would make great gifts, and are great for collection and decoration.”


The website describes the procedure they use to create these unique sculptures. They start off with an idea or a concept, and then collect all the scrap metal raw material they need for the project. Then, they weld the parts together into their design. Once the sculpture is ready, they clean it and coat it with the appropriate agent to protect it from rusting in the future. The finished sculpture is packed and stocked to be shipped to customers.


There’s a range of sculptures to choose from, like characters from popular movies such as Star Wars, Alien, and Predator. They also have generic sculptures of animals – frogs, dogs, ducks and bees. But there’s something amazing about the Incredible Hulk sculpture – it’s definitely one of their best ones. It’s awe-inspiring, how they’ve managed to capture the sheer strength and ferociousness of the Hulk using simple objects like nuts and bolts.



Here are some other awesome metal masterpieces crafted by Ban Hun Lek. For more check out their official Facebook page.





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