Artist Uses Sharpie to Transform Husband’s Skyline GTR into an Artistic Masterpiece on Wheels

You don’t really need to spend thousands of dollars on Swarovski crystals or hair extensions to give your car a neat makeover. An inexpensive Sharpie can do the job just as well, if you’re creative enough. Like this woman who used dozens of Sharpies and put in 100 hours of hard work to convert her husband’s 1995 Nissan Skyline GTR into a mind-blowing piece of art.

Collen Kelton, a US military officer stationed in Japan, had always hated the dull silver color of his R33 GTR. So he told his then-girlfriend Allison that she could doodle a few scratches on the bumper. But when he saw how beautiful her designs looked, he was compelled to ask her to keep going.


So Allison continued her freehand drawings – elaborate swirls, shapes and patterns – until the car’s exterior was completely covered to the last inch. Once she was done doodling, the couple painted on several clear coats to protect the design. Kelton then tuned the GTR’s inner parts, completing the makeover.


The Keltons are now the proud owners of a sweet ride that attracts attention wherever they go – and it serves as the perfect reminder of their teamwork and collaboration.








Still not convinced the sharpie is the perfect tool for an awesome paint job? Check out this sharpie-painted Mazda Miata.

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