Jet-Engine-Powered World’s Fastest Truck Is a Genuine Beast on Wheels

Shockwave, the world’s fastest truck, is so fast that it can actually outrun a Japanese bullet train. The four-ton Peterbilt Semi is powered by three jet engines and hits speeds nearing 400mph. It generates a whopping 36,000 horsepower, covering a quarter mile in just 6.5 seconds.

The incredible vehicle was first built by Les Shockley in 1984. 64-year-old Neal Darnell purchased and rebuilt it along with his son Chris, 31, in 2012. It now holds the world record for the fastest jet-powered full-size truck – 376mph. “It’s an awesome experience,” said Neal. “You won’t believe it until you see it.”

Shockwave is equipped with three Pratt & Whitney J34-48 jet engines that were taken out of US Navy trainer jets called the T-2 Buckeye. Each jet engine is capable of producing 12,000 horsepower in afterburner, which makes a total of 36,000 for Shockwave. It holds 190 gallons of fuel, burning 180 of it per performance.


Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Chris, who takes turns with his father driving Shockwave, said: “The added afterburners double the horsepower and thrust, so Shockwave literally has six times the power of the jet airplane these engines came in. On acceleration, the driver experiences about 6G.” To stop the beast, they use two 16-inch ring slot military parachutes that produce an impact of up to negative 9G.


Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The father-and-son duo intend to show off Shockwave in special performances across US and Canada. “It is some ride,” said Chris. Well, he could say that again. Don’t miss the video of the beast in action – it’s not exactly what you’d call eco-friendly but the sight is something to behold!


Photo: Wikimedia Commons


 via Daily Mail