The DTV Shredder – A New Breed of Extreme All-Terrain Vehicles

What do you get if you combine a skateboard, a jetski and an ATV? That would be the DTV Shredder, a new toy for power sports enthusiasts created by the guys at BPG Werks.

Designed to appeal to a variety of extreme sports fans, the Shredder is a personal vehicle unlike any other you’ve seen before. The steering is done via a skateboard-like platform mounted on top of two sturdy treads, by leaning into the direction you wish to go, while the handlebar offers much needed stability. The board is the only component that moves, while the rest of the machine stays fixed to your body. It has a 196 cc, 4-stroke gas engine, patented dual-CVT drive system that keeps you from having to shift gears, 13 horse-power and a top speed of 30 mph. The guys at BPG Werks say they limited the Shredder to 30 miles per hour because that’s the top speed most people feel comfortable at standing up. After that, it’s just plain scary. Weighing just 200 lbs, the DTV Shredder can be folded and fits in the trunk of a medium-size truck, which makes it more practical than motocross bikes or ATVs. It can be ridden all year long, on any kind of terrain, unlike most other power sport vehicles.


It might look like a Segway on steroids, but according to Ben Gulak, the CEO of BPG Werks, the DTV Shredder is more like a crossover between skateboard and motocross bike or ATV, the best of both worlds in one compact package. Its makers say it works on all kinds of terrain, including deep powdered snow and the sealed carburetor allows it to cross water of depths up to 10 inches (25 cm). The all-mechanical vehicle was originally presented in 2010, but only hit the market early this year, with a price tag of $3,999. Not too bad for an all-terrain vehicle.


The Shredder has apparently attracted the attention of the Crown Prince of Dubai, who ordered two custom vehicles equipped with 40-hp rotary engines that can go as fast as 60 mph. The rest of us will just have to settle for 30 mph.


via BPG Werks

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