Shrek and Fiona in Real Life

Everybody knows the popular animation movie Shrek has a large fan-base, but some of those fans go as far as to get married dressed as their favorite characters.

British nurse Christine England and her fiance Keith got married last month, wearing the costumes of Fiona and Shrek. They spent over three hours putting on the costumes and green make-up, but it was worth it, since it was a wedding neither of them will forget.

Christine tried to get her 18 years old son to dress-up like Donkey, but “he wasn’t having any of it”. The 100 guests attending the wedding were also dressed in funky, fairytale costumes.






via Daily Mail

2009 Office-Chair Racing Championship

The Germans have done it again. I really thought they were a really serious people, focused only on their work, but it turns out they know how to have fun as well.

After they organized the Ice Swimming Festival in Neuburg, early this year, the Germans strike again with the 2009 Office-Chair Racing Championship. The rather unusual racing competition was held on April 25, in Bad Koening Zell, in western Germany. Competitors raced on a 200-meter-long course, in basic or modded office-chairs.

The Office-Chair Racing Championship was first held in 2008, but it’s already growing in popularity and, who knows, it could become an Olympic sport pretty soon.








Photos by Reuters

Drinking Some Strange Fluids

Would you drink your blood and urine? You sure would if they tasted like sour candy.

Imagine the looks on your friends faces as you throw, what looks like urine, down your throat, directly from a urine sample container, or blood from a blood vial. Well, believe it or not, you can pull a prank like this, by using the Sour Candy Body Fluids, from Think Geek. The “urine” tastes like concentrated lemonade, only very sour, and the”blood” is actually sour cherry syrup.

Have fun, tricking your grossed-out friends.

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Big Surprise Under the Hood

The owner of this car hadn’t driven it in two weeks. One day he walked passed it and sensed a foul odor coming from somewhere in the car. he got even closer and heard a weird sound under the hood. Curious, he ppopped the bonnet and surprise surprise. Find out what the guy found by checking the photos below:





Ajay Kumar – The World’s Shortest Actor

Ajay Kumar, one of Bollywood‘s most popular comedy actors, has officially been acknowledged as the world’s shortest actor, by the Guinness Book of Records. He is only 75 cm tall.

At the young age of 32, Kumar, better known by his stage name, Unda Pakru, has starred in 50 movies, in his 13 years movie career. “Thanks” to his disability he has had much more success in Bollywood, than normal actors, and is now one of the most popular men in India.

Ajay was one of the most eligible bachelors in his home-town of Kerala, and he married Gayatri, in 2005. It was a fixed marriage, but apparently it was a match made in heaven. The actor’s five-months-old daughter is proof of that.




Smallest actor

photos by Niklas Halle’n/ Barcroft Media

Surprise Guest

Imagine you were coming home at the end of hard day at work, only to find a stranger in your house. Not only that, but as you approach the door, he pops out and scares the living sh*t out of you. Not a very pleasant feeling, is it? Well now you know how this little bird must have felt.





Shitty Toilet Paper

It’s not that it’s not soft or anything, but looking at this toilet paper dispenser, in Copenhagen, I just had to use that title.

Very funny and original way to promote this brand of toilet-paper, although I’m sure a lot of people will feel offended and won’t even touch the thing. Which will be a problem in case of a number 2.

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Kush -The Breast Support Cushion

I know what you’re thinking, and yes, this is another one of those “what will they think of next?” posts.

Kush is an extremely important accessory if you’re one of those women that would do anything to prevent gravity from affecting their breasts. Apparently Kush will support women’s breasts all through the night and prevent them from developing cleavage wrinkles

It works best for women who sleep on their sides, that have a C-cup or larger and that might have had breasts implants in the past. Kush breast support cushions cost between $55-60 depending on their size. Not the most brilliant thing I’ve ever seen, but it’s definitely one of the most bizarre.

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The School Bus-Truck

Is it a school bus or a school truck? Actually it’s both.

The financial crysis is taking its toil on the educational system as well. Schools can’t even afford school busses anymore, so they improvise. The school bus-truck isn’t the ugliest vehicle I have ever seen and I’m sure it gets the job done, but it is damn funny looking.




Keep REALLY Still!

One thing I’d definitely wouldn’t do, whatever anyone would pay me. But if this Chinese chick agreed to do it, at least I hope it’s worth it.

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Famous LEGO Paintings

LEGO bricks have become the most popular tools when people want to recreate something famous, in a totally different way.

This is not te first time someone used LEGO bricks to make something extraordinary. Some built LEGO famous buildings, others made the LEGO Beijing Olympics and recently Legoland California recreated Obama’s Inauguration from LEGO.

The LEGO famous paintings are the work of former Italian bank worker Marco Pece. He posts his LEGO masterpieces on Flickr, under the pseudonym Udronotto, and his creations have become hits on the internet. Visist his profile on Flickr to see more of his original LEGO artwork, it trully is amazing.















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Putin Fishing Doll

Russians worship their former president Vladimir Putin, and now they have created a doll of him in a very popular scene.

We all remember the photos of shirtless Vladimir Putin fishing while standing on a rock. Many praised the Russian leader for his fitness and the photos circled around the globe. Now his loyal subjects have created a doll of him in that famous circumstance. I have to say the detail of Putin’s muscles are quite impressive. Good job comrades, your creation is a worthy adversary for the Obama action-figure and the Hitler Doll












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Astrology Condoms

People love sex and zodiac predictions, so why not mix the two?

Unfortunately the funny-looking Astrology Condoms are the product of a very small Japanese company called  Yamashita Latex, and can only be found in some shops around Japan. The company doesn’t even have a website where you can order their products. You won’t find Astrology Condoms in any Western country, so if you have friends in Japan call them and ask them to send you some.

I have to admit this is a great way to market your condoms.














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Not Your Usual Barbie Dolls

How about a redneck or trailer-trash doll for your kids? No? It’s your loss!

I knew the doll-making industry was going downhill ever since that Gay Bob – The World’s First Gay Doll hit toy-store shelves. Trailer trash dolls were first produced in 1998 and their first star doll came out in 2005. Her name was Trash Talkin’ Turleen and it was an instant hit. The doll comes with indispensable redneck accessories like a small pig, red cowboy boots and a sixpack. Turleen admits she’s inbred, and she’s pregnant, so we can only assume she and one of her cousins are closer than they should be.

In 2006 Jerwayne Junior was set loose on the market. He is a true redneck (obviously, dressed as such, always carrying a six-pack with him, and a cigarette in his mouth.

Interested in these redneck dolls? Just go to trailertrashdoll.com and find out more about them.

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Roadside Ass-istance

It may look dirty, but believe me it’s not what you think!

Sasha Grey plays the sexy Catholic school girl perfectly, but somehow that mechanic has nothing but pussy on his mind…the wrong kind of pussy.


Roadside Ass-sistance | Girls | SPIKE.com