21-Year-Old Woman Has Never Eaten a Piece of Vegetable or Fruit

Faye Campbell, of Suffolk, UK, has been exclusively eating junk food for the last 16 years. While most women would probably have serious weight problems by sticking to this eating habit, Faye is actually regular-sized and weighs just 9 stones and 12 pounds (a bit over 62 kilos).

The woman doesn’t just avoid eating fruit and vegetables, but also avoids thinking about it, as the mere thought of putting produce anywhere near her mouth makes her nauseous. “The thought of eating vegetables or any sort of fruit makes me physically sick,” Faye says. Well, actually, she is more tolerant to fruit, as long as it comes in the form of a juice or soft drink.  Without any fruit, vegetables or homemade meals, Faye’s daily diet consists only of chips, pizza, toast, cheeseburgers and basically any type of junk food you can imagine.This affects her family life the most. “It’s got to the point where I’d be happy to sit in the lounge with a pizza, while they sit in the kitchen with their roast – it has become a normal routine for us now,” the English woman complains. Apparently, even the smell of vegetables and homemade meals is intolerable for this fussy eater, who admits that “if mom is cooking a roast dinner with vegetables, I have to go in to a different room because I can’t stand the smell. Sometimes I have to open all the windows to get rid of it”. Faye’s love life has also been affected by her strange eating habits, as romantic dinners can only take place in fast-food restaurants. “Once, a guy booked a lovely Italian place but we ended up in McDonalds because I couldn’t face eating anything on the menu,” she says.


Photo: John Robertson/Barcroft Media

Campbell’s eating habit didn’t start as a teenager’s whim, but during her toddler years, when she was a very picky eater. In fact, until the age of 15, she ate nothing but chips. Faye’s parents had no idea what was wrong with her until they took her to the doctor, who diagnosed her with gastroesophageal reflux, a condition that causes heartburn and indigestion. As expected, Faye’s problems weren’t only physical, but also psychological. Seeing a child psychologist is what made the 15-year-old add pizza and burgers to her chip diet. “It took me a good couple of years to get used to the other foods and I’m still fussy with that, ” Faye says.


Today, Faye is aware of her food phobia. “There’s just something in my brain that says <ugh!> whenever I’m faced with new food”, she tries to explain her repulsion towards food. ” As soon as the phobia kicks in I just can’t bring myself to eat”. Despite her unhealthy diet, Faye doesn’t have any health problems. Oh, did I mention that she hates going to the gym? Ladies, don’t be jealous, because she would “like to eat like a normal person”, but, as she states, “that day won’t happen for a long time”.

Source: Mirror.co.uk/Barcroft Media

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