Fail Chips – Pre-Crushed Potato Chips That Don’t Leave Your Hands Greasy

For years, companies have been researching ways to best package potato chips to prevent them from being crushed, but one company is actually crushing them on purpose so that you can just toss them in your moth directly from the bag, without touching them with your hands.

I’m not yet sure if Fail Chips are an actual product or just a promotional stunt, but the concept behind them is actually pretty cool. Most potato chip fans will tell you that the best part of a bag are the crushed chip bits at the bottom. They’re super salty, super seasoned, and best of all, you can toss them in your mouth straight out of the bag, without having to lay a finger on them. Well, somebody decided to make the best part of the bag the whole bag. They take full-size chips, crush them into small pieces, package them in colorful bags and sell them as tasty snacks.


“Sometimes failing to do the thing you set out to do leads to unbelievable breakthroughs, too. That’s the idea with Fail Chips,” said Mark DiCristina, a Senior Director of Brand Marketing at Mail Chimp, the parent company of Fail Chips. Mail Chimp is a popular email marketing service, which leads me to believe that Fail Chips are just part of a marketing campaign. According to the Fail Chips website, the unusual treats were launched on February 6th, and were actually available “at your favorite bars and bodegas”. They even have a map of places you could sample them, although I’m not sure you can still find them anywhere.


Ok, it’s a pretty silly product idea, but it got people talking, so I guess they served their purpose.

For more on Fail Chips and potato chips in general, watch this pseudo-documentary made by Mail Chimp in collaboration with VICE Media. It’s genuinely interesting.


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