Garlic-Flavored Cola Is Actually a Thing in Japan

Garlic is a great ingredient to cook with, but garlic-flavored cola is something I’m not sure I can digest, literally or figuratively. But believe it or not, the drink actually exists in Japan!

Locally known as ‘Jats Takkola’, the unusual drink was released last month. It is produced in the city of Aomori, often referred to as the garlic capital of Japan. Also known as ‘Garlic Town’, the city is well-known for the huge amount of garlic that is harvested every year in July. Local companies have produced several bizarre garlic-flavored products in the past, such as garlic beer and garlic ice cream, but latest offering, garlic cola, apparently took a fair bit of trial and error before they could make it palatable.


The drink consists of cola mixed with finely ground garlic. Those brave enough to try it are advised to turn the bottle slowly before consumption, in order to mix the settled pieces of garlic. The makers say that the drink is as tasty as regular cola, with a supposedly pleasant aftertaste of garlic. I’m not sure I’d like that, but perhaps the drink will be a hit with garlic lovers in Japan.

Interestingly, the labelling on the bottle doesn’t mention garlic at all, so it could be used to surprise unsuspecting friends. ‘Jats’ is actually a sound made in surprise in the local Aomori dialect – the makers decided to add it to the name because they say there’s no way you won’t shout in surprise after tasting it.


A case of 24 bottles of Jats Takkola is available on the Aomori merchandise website, at 7,200 yen ($60). Single bottles are available at stores across the town at 199 yen ($2.50) apiece.

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