Japanese Restaurant Goes Viral for Serving Dessert Shaped Like Pieces of Plaster

The Opuses restaurant at The Royal Park Hotel in Ginza, Tokyo recently got a lot of attention because of an intriguing dessert shaped like pieces of wall plaster.

On the list of least appetizing things in the world, wall plaster ranks pretty highly, so most people wouldn’t call it the most inspired choice for designing a dessert. Still, that’s exactly what the chefs at Opuses, a high-class restaurant in Tokyo, Japan seem to have done. Photos of this dubious-looking dish were recently posted on Twitter by user @mimimimimitsu32 and ended up getting over 200,000 likes, 26,000 retweets and hundreds of comments. The general sentiment was that the dessert looked remarkably like plaster.

Photo: milk_crown_1114/Twitter

The Opuses dessert apparently consists of ice cream covered with these pieces of plaster-like meringue, although the ice cream itself isn’t really visible. Some of the hundreds of people who commented on the pics claimed that the dessert was actually tasty, although you couldn’t really tell by looking at it.

According to IT Media, the dessert is called “Gray” and it consists of strawberry ice cream and pistachio mousse hidden under thin slabs of black sesame meringue. It’s supposed to be delicious.

The trendy Opuses restaurant in Ginza is famous for its avant-garde cuisine, but judging by the general feeling on Twitter, they may have gone a bit too far with this stucco plaster-inspired dessert. On the flip side, it has earned it coverage on several television programs in Japan, as well as on social media, so can you really call it a fail?


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