“Labor Inducer” Burger Attracts Flux of Pregnant Women to Minnesota Restaurant

Pregnant women have reportedly been flocking to a restaurant in Excelsior, Minnesota, to try the famed “Labor Inducer” burger and hopefully go into labor faster.

The story of the Labor Inducer burger started back in April of last year, when Enrique, the chef at Excelsior restaurant ‘The Suburban’, was experimenting with burger recipes for the upcoming Twin Cities Burger Battle annual event. Co-owner Kelsey Quarberg, who was nine days away from her due date, happened to stop by, and was offered samples of the various experimental burgers. She loved one so much that she ordered a full-size serving, and lo and behold, just seven hours later she went into labor with her baby Sam. But that was just the beginning…

Photo: The Suburban/Facebook

Enrique named the burger “Labor Inducer” and entered it in the Twin Cities Burger Battle, where it won third place, earning itself a permanent spot on the menu. The name obviously drew a lot of attention, but the fact that another pregnant woman happened to gave birth to a little girl, hours after feasting on a burger last summer also added to its reputation.

Since September 2019, when the Labor Inducer’s alleged effect on pregnant women were made public, mothers-to-be have been flocking to The Suburban, with co-owner Ashley Berset telling FOX News that between 0ne and three pregnant women have been visiting the place and asking for the Labor Inducer. By October 1st last year, no new births had been reported, but Berset suspected they were just not being reported.


“So far no further reports of babies being born, but I doubt their first thought after giving birth is to contact The Suburban,” she said. “So we will continue to wait and see!”

It turns out she was right, as an October 23 2020 post on Facebook reveals that there had been at least 23 childbirths connected to the Labor Inducer. Did the burger cause these women to go into labor? Well, that’s hard to prove, but they all had one a few hours before going into labor…


So if you’re pregnant and want to bring your precious bundle of joy into this world a bit quicker, head over to The Suburban and ask for the Labor Inducer. If nothing else, you’ll have at least feasted on a reportedly delicious burger.