Winecream Makes It Possible to Get Drunk by Eating Ice-Cream

If you’re all alone on your couch watching TV and can’t decide between drinking a glass of wine or stuffing yourself with ice-cream, you’ll be happy to know you can now have both, thanks to Winecream, an ingenious dessert that combines wine and gourmet ice-cream.

Created by Crossroads Company, a family-owned business in Baltimore, Winecream is a mashup of craft-made fruit wines and super-premium, gourmet ice-cream. Customers get to choose a wine from various house-made options including pineapple, mixed berry, peach, or strawberry, which is then mixed in to a cream and sugar base and flash frozen using liquid nitrogen, a food-safe cryogenic liquid that’s nearly -320 degrees Fahrenheit. First announced back in 2014, Winecream has so far only been available at wine festivals and private events, but Crossroads Company has recently made the adult dessert available for online orders and plans to launch it in liquor stores in Baltimore and Washington D.C. later this summer.


Photo: Winecream/Facebook

Winecream was born during a Christman dinner three years ago, when the Gorham family couldn’t decide whether to have more wine or switch to ice-cream. “We wanted ice cream, but we didn’t want to stop drinking wine,” Dan Gorham told WTOP. So they came up with the idea to combine the two into a delicious, boozy frozen dessert. Dan, an engineer, and his sister Katie, a public health communications specialist at Johns Hopkins, reportedly spent a whole year refining the formula for Winecream before they started selling it at various events.


Photo: Winecream/Facebook

The response has been very encouraging, with fans of Winecream regularly checking the schedule of wine festivals in the Baltimore area for the chance to feast on a pint of wine ice-cream. “There are months when there aren’t wine festivals happening when I just crave the stuff,” 27-year-old Linh Nguyen told The Baltimore Sun.


In case you’re thinking Winecream that is just another gimmicky wine ice-cream with no actual kick to it, you should know a pint of the frozen treat is 10% alcohol by volume, which is the same alcohol content of a glass of wine, and double that of other alcoholic ice creams. So yeah, a few cups of this stuff and you’ll be hammered.

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