Brazilian Company Offers Fake Facebook Girlfriends for $20

Do you want to make your ex-girlfriend by hooking up with a hot chick on Facebook? Are your parents pressuring you to go out and get a date? Are you tired of being teased about not having a girlfriend? If any of this sounds familiar, know that there’s hope for you yet. It’s called Namoro Fake, and it’s a Brazilian company that offers fake Facebook girlfriends, for a fee.

Just because you couldn’t get a girlfriend if your life depended on it, doesn’t mean all your friends have to know about it. What if you could make it seem like you’re dating this beautiful woman, who seems crazy about you that she leave romantic comments on your profile every single day? That would probably make you look cool in front of your friends and maybe even score some points with the ladies in real life, right? Well, that’s probably all the guys that are using Namoro Fake’s services are thinking, anyway. The Brazilian company offers guys the chance at a fake virtual relationship for as little as $10. The relationship may not be real, but the girls behind the profiles certainly are. Namoro Fake hires female Facebook users to act as girlfriends, and apparently splits the proceeds with them. Since you’ll be sending them the exact messages you want posted on your Wall, all they have to do is paste the messages and keep their profiles active to make them seem more real. If you purchase the expensive packages, they’ll even list you in their relationship status. Users can choose their girlfriend from various Facebook profiles listed on the company’s website.

But why would you want to pay for a fake Facebook girlfriend? According to Namoro Fake, there are a number of reasons: to make an ex-girlfriend jealous, show people how quickly you’ve moved on after a breakup, stop friends and family from pressuring and questioning you about a girlfriend, or just to make you more attractive to real women and boost your self-esteem. The company says their service fixes all of the above problems, but you’ll have to fork out some dough for it. The budget plan costs just 10 Brazilian reals ($5), but it will only keep the flame alive for 3 days, and includes just 3 comments from the girl. Then there’s the 19 reals ($9) plan which ups the period to a whole week and 5 comments, the 39 reals ($20) girlfriend plan, also valid for a week, but which includes 10 comments and a relationship status. The “Virtual Girlfriend” package costs 99 reals ($48), is valid for 30 days and includes 30 comments and a relationship status. Believe it or not, the service has been so successful that there are currently no fake girlfriends available for hire.

Namoro Fake only caters to guys looking for fake girlfriends, but it’s working on a similar service for women. The website makes it clear that although there are real women behind the Facebook profiles, info on their real identities will not be provided.

If this seems to expensive to you, there’s always the 5$ fake girlfriend service on GirlfriendHire.

Source: CNBC

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