Chinese Psychologist Promotes Himself with Underwear Model

A certain psychologist who goes by the name of Doctor He has shocked Chinese netizens after he showed up on the streets of Shenzen City, China, with a woman in her underwear, who helped him advertise his services.

I know it’s not the most common way to look for employers, but you have to understand this guy is a psychologist; he knows how the human brain works so I guess he decided a shocking approach was the easiest way to grab the attention he needed. So He hired a girl to stand beside him on the street, dressed only in underwear and holding a sign that said ““National treasure, Mental Illness Specialist, 10 million yearly salary, searching for buyer.” Meanwhile he just sat quietly in his chair, waiting for the media and watching as passers-by gathered to take photos with their cellphones.

Very straightforward marketing strategy I must say, but I bet the girl hated every minute of her performance. While she may be comfortable getting paid for showing up in her underwear, doing so on a winter day must not have been easy. As a matter of fact, witnesses say her skin quickly turned red from the cold, and she put her clothes back on after about 20 minutes. But that was more than enough for the doctor to reach his goal.

Reporters showed up on the scene in a matter of minutes, and Doctor He told them the idea came to him after hearing of a certain “King of Ideas” He Yang, who was auctioned for a 1 million RMB consulting fee,during China’s first “Special Talent Auction”. He felt like he was 10 times more talented than the above-mentioned character, and because his talent was left undiscovered, he decided to look for a job on the streets.

I’m not sure if this wacky psychologist got a job or not, but he certainly caused quite a stir in China, as netizens couldn’t stop arguing about his marketing strategy.






Source: Netease via China Smack


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