Destruction Club Allows Members to Let Off Some Steam by Smashing Stuff

The Destruction Company is a member only Fight Club-like organization that allows rich Americans to smash stuff to smithereens, using an arsenal of weapons.

Destruction has been used as therapy to relieve stress for a few years now, and people seem willing to pay top dollar to take out their frustrations on stuff that can’t fight. Clubs offering people the chance to destroy old refrigerators, washing machines and things like that have been around for a while, but The Destruction Company only addresses frustrated rich folks who can afford to smash brand new things. ¬†From a $10 set of plates to a $2,000 grand piano and even luxury cars worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, The Destruction Company offers whatever items you feel like releasing all your frustrations on.

This exclusive club is based at a secret location in New Jersey and new members can only join if they receive an invite from a current Destruction Company member. They are then called for an interview to decide if they have what it takes to join the club. They have to sign a legal waiver and respect the organization’s rules: no use of firearms, no living things or paperwork can be destroyed and no alcohol or drugs can be used during the destruction session. Members pay a confidential annual membership fee, plus the cost of every item they wish to destroy.

When it’s time for smashing, members are taken to the club’s warehouse where they put on protective gear and choose from an arsenal of weapons (baseball bats, golf clubs, axes, swords, chainsaws, etc), and then to the rooftop location where their “victim awaits”. Their performance is caught on camera, and members can go into a control room and watch themselves in action. According to The Destruction Company, most members opt to smash high tech stuff like flat screen TVs, iPads, computers, but there have been cases where someone destroyed all of her husband’s suits.

Smashing stuff probably sounds like something guys might be into, but club representatives say 40% of members are women.

via Daily Mail