Fart By Mail – A Stinky Mail Service for the Adventurous

Fart By Mail, a California-based mail order service started by Zach Friedberg, offers people the chance to send friends or enemies stinky greetings that actually “smell like real poo”.

Holidays are just around the corner, and if you’re looking for a really original way to send your season’s greetings, you might want to check out Fart By Mail. This unusual mailing service delivers audio greeting cards with your custom message, the hilarious sound of a fart, and a nice heinous odor to go with it. Sure, there are nice Hallmark greetings cards out there to choose from, but how many of them smell like passing wind? The stinky greeting cards are sealed in a clear polyethylene envelope  with a warning that the recipient check the back of the envelope for more information on what they are holding. But, if you really want to surprise them, you can go for the “Stealth” option, to have Fart By Mail remove any warnings on the package. Sending one of these stinky cards will set you back just $8.99 (with free shipping in the USA), a small price for such a cool service, if you ask me.

Like me, you’re probably wondering if these guys put real farts inside those clear envelopes. Fart By Mail clears that up in the FAQ section of their website: As much as we would love to actually fart in an envelope, it is not possible. Our Stinkologists simply cannot fart enough to meet the supply demands of customers like you. Also, there would be way to much variation in odor and potency of regular farts. However, they do use a a natural non-toxic fart smelling formula that, although completely safe to smell, will probably cause some people to toss their cookies. Genius, or what?!? Take a look at this funny Fart By Mail video commercial, and remember “mail sometimes stinks, but no one expects a fart!”


via Laughing Squid

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