Feelling Lonely? Rent a Japanese Middle-Aged Man for $10 an Hour

Ossan Rental (or “Middle-Aged Guy Rental”) is the newest bizarre rental service in Japan. As the name suggests, it allows people to rent an average middle-aged Japanese guy for ¥1,000 ($10) an hour.

There are a lot of crazy people-renting services in the Land of the Rising Sun, from the now famous Soine-ya Prime rent-a handsome-boyfriend service, to simple rent-a-friend options and even a rent-a-bare-thigh advertising service. So we have hot young guys and girls for rent, but what about middle-aged folks, is no one interested in paying for their time? Surely there has to be a market out there for them, too, right? That’s probably what the masterminds before Ossan Rental thought when they decided to open the first rental service for middle-aged guys in Japan. The company currently offers only two options to choose from, either the 46-year old Takanobu Nishimoto, a college lecturer in fashion and styling from Osaka, or Mikio Sendou, a former baseball player and current sports commentator from Gifu Prefecture. They both seem like interesting dudes, and the company’s roster is only going to get bigger once the business gets off the ground.


Takanobu Nishimoto

Wondering what you get for ¥1,000 ($10) an hour? The Ossan Rental website suggests the middle-aged men available for rent make great buddies to play video games with, exceptional conversation partners, shopping companions or errand  boys and can help you pass the time in a more enjoyable way. The site is pretty easy to navigate and operate. All you have to do is place the middle-aged man of your choice in a virtual shopping cart and pay on delivery. There’s even an Ossan rental hotline available, which just happens t be the home number of one of the guys on offer. Takanobu says he’s available 24/7 and that he’ll do his best to take your call at any hour. Sounds pretty professional to me…


Mikio Sendou (in his prime)

Photos: Ossan Rental

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