Young Japanese Women Rent Out Their Bare Legs as Advertising Space

A good way to make sure your advertisement gets plenty of exposure is to place it where a lot of people are looking. With this important marketing rule in mind, one Japanese advertising service is offering brands a novel way to raise awareness to their business – placing advertising stickers on the bare thighs of young girls.

We’ve featured some pretty bizarre advertising techniques here, on Oddity Central. We’ve had people renting out their last names to the highest bidder, tattooing brand names on their faces, and even using animals as living billboards, But so far, women’s legs have been off limits. Well, not anymore; Japanese┬áPR company Absolute Territory PR has begun paying young women to wear advertising stickers on their “absolute territory” – the part of their thighs between the edge of their miniskirts and their high socks. Apparently this area of the female thigh is very popular with Japanese men, as evidenced by the fact that it even has its own Facebook page. You’d think such a daring way of advertising would be frowned upon by most girls, but as of November of last year, over 1,300 girls had applied for the agency’s service, and their number is growing fast.

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Girls interested in having their thighs registered with Absolute Territory must be at least 18 years old, and also have a social media account connected to at least 20 other people. After choosing a sticker ad, they have to wear it for at least eight hours a day, or more, for a set period of time, in order to meet the conditions of the contract and receive payment. Once the ad is stamped on their thighs, they can get on with their daily lives, while wearing revealing skirts as often as possible and showing off their legs. Of course, not being a hikikomori helps a lot, as staying in isolation kind of beats the whole purpose. In fact, to prove they are actively going out and promoting their thigh ads, girls have to post photos of themselves wearing the stickers on their Facebook, Twitter or other social media accounts.

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According to recent reports, Japanese businesses aren’t the only ones using the unique service to have a leg up on the competition. Rock band Green Bay have employed Absolutr Territory to promote the Japanese release of their new CD “!Uno!”.

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Source: Nippon News

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