Man Brings Virtual Girlfriend to His Real-Life Wedding, Bride Retaliates

Talk about pushing your luck, right? As if having his future wife put up with a virtual girlfriend wasn’t enough, a Japanese geek actually had the nerve to invite his video-game lady and two of her friends to their wedding and even reserved seats for them. But the bride had some plans of her own…

For obvious reasons, the real names of the protagonists in this story were not revealed, but photos from their wedding were posted online by guests surprised to see three Nintendo DS handheld video-game consoles seated as guests. Their screens showed three different anime-like girls, one of which was revealed to be the groom’s girlfriend. Nene Anegasaki, Manaka Takane and Rinko Kobayakawa are characters from the hugely popular Konami video game, Love Plus. The addictive open-ended dating simulator has reportedly sold in over 250,000 copies in Japan, and stories of men caught by their girlfriends and wives while tending to their virtual partner’s needs began surfacing online a while ago. In 2010, we posted photos of gamers celebrating Nene’s birthday with cakes and candles and presents, just to show how popular the Love Plus character was. But this is probably the first time Nene attended a real-life wedding, as a guest.

As RocketNews24 points out, it’s obvious the bride new what she was getting into, when she agreed to marry an obvious geek who works as staff for Comic Market, Japan’s largest comic book convention, but why would she let him embarrass her by bringing his virtual love interest and her friends at the wedding. Obviously, she had something up her sleeve. During the wedding that took place on November 24, instead of the traditional cake-cutting ceremony, the memory card was removed from the groom’s Nintendo and placed on a bed of napkins. Then it was announced that the newlyweds will use a wooden mallet to physically destroy the game cartridge and all vestiges of the groom’s relationship with Nene Anegasaki. According to eyewitnesses, the man clearly wasn’t expecting such a turn of events, and despite being on the verge of tears and the mallet dropped, he couldn’t bring himself to stop it.

That would have probably never happened if the groom had met his bride at one of those geek-only matchmaking events.



Source: Hachima Kikou

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