Man Devises Aerobic Exercises Based on House Cleaning

If you’ve been wanting to get into shape but haven’t had the time to exercise, Aerobic House Cleaning might just be the thing for you. The fitness program was devised by Steve Markovich, who has been following it for the past 16 years.

The 57-year-old from Crescent Springs, Ky., has managed to make a heart-pumping workout out of ordinary chores such as vacuuming and washing windows. According to Markovich, the vacuum cleaner is the most versatile exercise machine ever. He’s found a way to combine squats, lunges and hip twists while he’s getting the floors clean. He says that he burns so many calories through house chores that he can afford to allow himself a few treats once in a while. A vanilla ice cream topped with peanut butter, for instance. He seems pretty fit for his age, although he does sport a tiny little paunch.

Photo © Steve Markovich

The most interesting of Markovich’s moves is undoubtedly the couch-lift. He lifts the couch with one hand and vacuums under it with the other. Other crazy moves include high kicks to close kitchen cabinets and carrying backpacks loaded with books while mowing the lawn. “I look ridiculous,” he admits. But it hasn’t stopped him from sharing his house cleaning fitness moves with the world. In 2002, he created videos of his routines and put them up for sale through his website at $20 each. He’s even written a book about healthy eating and exercise. However, his videos aren’t really selling like hotcakes and the book never got published.

Photo © Steve Markovich 

It does seem like a good idea so I wondered why there were no takers. Turns out people are quite skeptical about it. For instance, Kathleen Burke of Illinois purchased the DVD a couple of years ago but doesn’t use the moves much. She’s afraid the legs of her sofa would wear out if she used it as a weight machine. Even Markovich’s wife prefers to work out at the gym. Sometimes she’s so exasperated with her husband’s elaborate cleaning routine that she hires a professional cleaner for holidays and other special occasions.


Mrs. Markovich says that she finds aerobic house cleaning cute, but doesn’t think they’d ever make any money out of it. Markovich, on the other hand, does not plan on giving up any time soon. He’s now considering creating a reality show with his biggest rival, 40-year-old Carolyn Barnes, another house cleaning fitness guru. He wants to call the show, “Mr. and Mrs. Clean.” Mrs. Markovich has only one thing to say to that, “Hah!”

via WallStreetJournal