New Australian Website Tells You Why Your Ex Dumped You

It’s hard enough being dumped, but not even knowing why could be pretty brutal. Especially if your ex happened to just vanish without a trace. I suppose it’s pure torture to deal with not just the loss of a partner, without breaking your head over what could have possibly gone wrong. But this doesn’t have to be the case anymore, not if you make use of this new Australian website,

Founder Audrey Melnik describes the website in simple terms, “WotWentWrong is the breakup app for couples who never really broke up.” Since confronting a person who simply faded away from your life could be difficult, the website provides you with an opportunity to do so without having to face them. WotWentWrong actually allows you to get in touch with your ex and ask them for detailed feedback about what went wrong that made them leave you. This helps to give jilted lovers closure, and also a few handy tips about what they could do better the next time around. As part of the feedback, there are questions about kissing skills, attractiveness, dressing and more. Survey ratings are also provided along with various reasons for the silent treatment to be selected from.

Although the idea sounds interesting, I do think it’s also a bit creepy. I mean, who would want to answer a long list of questions about a person they decided they didn’t even want to see anymore? But Melnik says that they try to make the whole process not appear like stalking or seem too clingy. And the site has proven to be quite popular, with about 50,000 unique visitors and 500 feedback requests. Of course, only 25% of those requests have actually been answered so far. The flip side of the app is that if the ex chooses to remain silent over the online feedback too, that could hurt even more. Or perhaps all the negative feedback could cause more damage to an already broken heart. I guess time will tell how successful the application turns out to be.


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