Nice Jewish Guys Calendar Is Not about Gorgeous Hunks

If you’re tired of all those half naked gorgeous men in fireman and male models calendars,  you could try the Nice Jewish Guys calendar, featuring 12 average-looking Jewish guys who are nice and have good jobs.

Yes, women like some eye-candy from time to time, but what they really want is a nice guy who can hold a job and isn’t afraid of commitment. That’s right all you Chippendales wannabes out there, you’re doing it wrong! At least that’s what the creator of the Nice Jewish Guys calendar seems to think. TV producer Adam Cohen gt the idea for the offbeat calendar back in 2010, while talking to friends about how all calendars have firemen or pin up hotties. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if there were nebbishy Jewish guys like “David” (pronounced with an affected long island Jewish mom twang) and this guy is posing up on a rock with his button-up shirt, still holding his jacket. People thought it was brilliant and HAD to be done. As I got into it I started realizing it was more of a cultural comment and it became a more serious endeavor, yet still with good humor. What happened was that I realized I was now carrying the torch for all the nice guys who get passed up in the bar, are still good to their moms, and are a good catch, but the women just don’t know it yet. As it started coming out I started getting tons of feedback from women who absolutely adore these guys. I never knew there was such a fetish for nice Jewish guys. Women of all religions were coming out of the woodwork,’ Cohen told Blog with Benefits.

Asked what the qualities of a nice Jewish guy who wants to make his calendar should be, Adam said “look is important and I can’t tell you what it is. I’ll just know when I see it. But he’s definitely not the sort of guy you’d point at and say, “you… you need to be Mr. September.” It’s quite the opposite.” They also have to be trustworthy, good listeners, qualities that can be as valuable as six-pack abs. Some of the guys featured in the calendar are friends of his friends, people who answer internet listings, and even dudes who look him up to audition. Most of them are rejected for being too good looking or just lacking that “it” factor. The 12 average guys that make it into the Nice Jewish Guys Calendar may not be the best-looking guys you’ve ever seen, but they have good jobs, boast accomplishments like “making a mean Challah French toast” or “solving complex Maths problems”, and most importantly, they’re nice.

What does Mr. Cohen seek to accomplish with his Nice Jewish Guys Calendar? If this calendar can accomplish anything it would be my hope that women give this guy a chance out at a bar,” he says. He’s funny, nice and a great listener. What’s not to like!?

The new 2013 Nice Jewish Guys calendar can be found at various online stores, for $7.99 or less.



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