Self-Taught Ninja Slices Soda Cans with Plastic Playing Cards

A man from China’s Hubei Province has recently become an internet celebrity of sorts, after a video of him throwing plastic playing cards at soda cans and actually putting holes in them, went viral.

Who says there’s no such thing as comic-book-like superpowers? And I’m not talking about the funny ones you can buy at the Superhero Store, but real superpowers that actually capture people’s imagination. Take 23-year-old Feng Yangxu, from Xishui county, Hubei Province, China, who can throw plain playing cards with such speed and accuracy that they slice even full aluminum cans. In a video that recently went viral on the Chinese internet, Feng wows his young audience by launching cards at hanging cucumbers and slicing them to pieces, as a warm-up for his most impressive trick – puncturing soda cans from three feet away. Now that may not seem like a big distance, but keep in mind this guy is putting wholes in metal containers with flimsy plastic cards. His fellow countrymen were so impressed with his feat that they’ve given him a cool nickname – Awesome Flying Cutter. And you thought “Batman” was a cool superhero name…

Photo: YouTube

Feng Yangxu is one of many Chinese fascinated with card-throwing. Back in August, we featured Ye Tongxin, another master of the trade, who could slice tough fruits like apples and watermelons with playing cards. But there are thousands more who practice their talents every day, hoping to become modern ninjas. Feng himself admits he couldn’t even cut a sheet of paper when he first started, but after years of practice, he’s now moved on to aluminum. “These pull-top cans… I must have sliced at least 10 million or so,” he jokes, adding that he also  used thousands of playing card sets.


Still don’t believe superpowers are real? Well, then maybe the samurai who can cut a speeding bullet in half, or the guy who can put out candles with his speedy punches will convince you. It’s funny how all these guys are Asian, right?

via Beijing Cream

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