Takeaway Restaurant Offers Dirty Dishes Alongside the Food for Authenticity

UK-based restaurant Housebites decided to help people who can’t cook but want to impress their guests by offering them the dirty dishes alongside the food, so they can be more convincing.

Not everyone likes to cook, but lost of people love to pretend they can cook, so British takeaway restaurant Housebites, decided to give them a hand by launching the “pretend you can cook” service. According to the official press release, this ” allows customers to pretend they have slaved away at a hot stove more convincingly by delivering dirty pans alongside the food. Cooked by a professional chef and delivered to your door, Housebites main courses cost on average between £10($16) and £12($19), and now for an additional £5($8), customers can request the pans used to cook them for added authenticity. Collection of the pans is then arranged as easily as the original delivery slot.”

Apparently, Housebites came up with the idea for the service after receiving tweets, Facebook comments and emails from people who asked for dirty dishes along with the ordered meals, for added authenticity. To make the offer even more attractive, the popular restaurant plans on giving a £2.50 refund to those willing to wash the dishes before returning them.

Simon Prockter, founder and CEO of Housebites, said “Housebites has been a social business since its inception, and customer feedback on social networks continues to drive innovation. The nature of Housebites meals is that they are cooked at home, so I guess it makes sense that people want to impress their partners or friends by pretending they cooked the meal themselves. It’s harmless fun, so we thought we’d see if we could help them out with some added authenticity.” Yeah, it’s pretty harmless until you end up marrying someone for their cooking skills and find out you’re going to have to pay for a cook meal for the rest of your life. Then it stops being funny.

via HuffPost