Teens Turn Room into Indoor Pool by Covering it with Plastic Foil and Filling It with Water

A bunch of resourceful Russian teenagers who couldn’t afford to take a trip to the beach recently created an unusual indoor swimming pool right in the living room of their apartment. They just used bit of polyethylene film, packing tape, a lot of water, and voila – their carpeted lounge was converted into a fully functional water park.

The boys then posted pictures of their DIY pool online, which quickly went viral on several Russian social media websites. They can be seen swimming and lazing around in the water giving thumbs up signs to the camera. They seem to have covered all their furniture in plastic, including their mattress and radiator.


Some of the comments on the photographs offered congratulations to the boys, while others pointed out that they were idiots. “The water is about half a meter high, which means it is about half a ton for every square meter,” wrote one person. “I wonder if their neighbors will gather all together and give them a good lesson?”


“I hope the electric plugs are way above the water level,” one person pointed out. “I hope they cut their nails really well before going inside… what if they break the film?” another wrote.

“Please, no one else try this at home,” pleaded one commenter, whom we suspect is a parent as well.


Well, the boys seem to have been brilliant enough to create their own pool, but we do hope the plastic film didn’t split while they were enjoying a swim. And we’re not sure how they drained all the water; they probably needed a pump to get rid of so much liquid.


We also don’t know how they explained the whole thing to their parents – its most likely that they didn’t have permission to do something so outrageous. Perhaps that’s why they chose to remain anonymous.


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