Man Undergoes Penis Enlargement Procedure, Sues Doctor After Organ Shrinks

A Turkish man is suing the doctor he paid for a penis enlargement procedure after his sexual organ allegedly shrunk by one centimeter following the botched operation.

İlter Türkmen, a wealthy banker from Tekirdağ, Turkey is seeking 500,000 lira ($16,500) in compensation from Dr. Haluk Soylemez, the man who was supposed to help him enlarge his penis in both length and girth, but ultimately caused it to shrink. Türkmen claims that the doctor promised him an extra 3 cm (1.1 inches) in both length and girth, but after two botched procedures, he ended up with one less centimeter than he originally had. The banker’s lawyers told a judge of the 1st Civil Court of First Instance that he had to endure excruciating pain that left him unable to walk properly for a month and was left with a shorter, severely scarred sexual organ.

Photo: Charles Deluvio/Unsplash

According to documents presented İlter Türkmen’s lawyers, he underwent the first penis enlargement procedure at Dr. Soylemez’s clinic in January of 2022. During his recovery, the banker started experiencing bleeding and told the doctor about it. After examining his patient, Soylemez scheduled him for a second operation, only this one left Türkmen feeling even worse. He experienced “agonizing” pain that made it difficult to walk properly. Even after the pain subsided, his sexual organ remained permanently scarred and shorter than before.

Türkmen dreamed of adding 3 cm to his 12-centimeter penis but is now lamenting the fact that Haluk Soylemez’s procedures left him with an 11 cm organ. Doctor Solemez disputes this claim, insisting that the banker’s penis was 11-cm-long to begin with. He admits that, due to the patient’s anatomical structure, enlargement of the sexual organ failed, but insists that he did nothing wrong.

Photo: Jafar Ahmed/Unsplash

“There is no fault in the procedure I performed,” Soylemez told the court, adding that he never made any commitments about the length or girth of the patient’s penis following the procedure and accusing him of seeking unjust material compensation.

The bizarre trial is still ongoing, and neither party has responded to the requests of local press for comment on the matter.

This is Turkey’s second viral medical case in a span of a month, after that of a man who had his front teeth extracted by a dental clinic cleaner posing as a dentist.

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