Woman Covers Face in Bright Pink Poster Paint, Hilarity Ensues

Applying bright pink poster paint all over your face can leave you with pink skin. At least that’s what everyone though after seeing the photos of a twitter user who recently did just that.

No one knows exactly why Twitter user @LeleTill decided to put bright pink poster paint all over her face, but she did, and also documented the experience in a series of photos posted on the popular social network. @LeleTill, whose real name is Leah, first drew people’s attention with a picture of herself covered in pink Palmer Washable Glitter Poster Paint. She followed that up with a couple of close-ups of the label on the bottom, which read “Washes off easily off skin and most fabrics”. However, her “after” photo clearly shows that you should never put your trust in labels, especially if you don’t plan on using the product as intended.

Photo: Twitter/@LeleTill

Palmer Washable Glitter Poster Paint is obviously meant to be used on posters, not your face, and the manufacturer probably meant that it will come off your hands relatively easy if you get some of the stuff on them. So it’s no wonder that Leah’s last photo shows her with a pink skin even after trying to wash off the paint with water. Her caption read “See you in court Palmer Paint Products”.

Photo: Twitter/@LeleTill

Leah’s experiment may have left her with a bright pink face, but it also made her an overnight Internet star, with her funny photos garnering 382,000 likes, 129,000 retweets, and nearly 3,000 comments, in just 48 hours. Most people obviously found the whole thing hilarious, while some wondered if she ever managed to get the pink paint removed completely. Luckily, a Snapchat pic later posted by Leah seemed to answer their question, by showing her face still pink, but much less so than before.

Photo: Twitter/@LeleTill

As it turns out, everything was just a joke. Leah later posted that the paint came off in just 15 minutes, and that she was never going to sue the manufacturer of the paint. She did enjoy everyone’s reactions to her pics, though.

Leah’s case may have been a joke, but few years ago, a Brazilian man actually spent 24 hours trying to get back to his natural color after having decided to cosplay as the Incredible Hulk by covering himself in green industrial paint.

via Refinery29

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